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Weekly is an FIC, SGGSCC initiative which aims to impart financial knowledge through the exclusive newsletter. We not only present appetizing content on a platter of words for grabbing eyeballs but bring to you financial term of the day, finance memes, comics, quizzes, crosswords, news updates and much more

VITTIYAN - Financial Literacy Project

Vittyan is a financial literacy campaign, an initiative taken by FIC, SGGSCC under the guidance of the PM MODI GOVT. to impart financial knowledge to the masses. In times of everything going virtual, majority of the people lack the basic knowledge to optimally use their own money. We conducted a seminar for workers to impart them with basics of how to carry out cashless transactions. We will also be focusing on enlightening students with more of real life finance and investment opportunities.

Industry Analysis

The backbone of an economy is its industry. Be it IT, pharma, automobile or telecom sector, their contribution to economy cannot be over emphasized. The project Industry Analysis is an attempt to explore the previous trends in an industry as well as its future prospects over a time span of 10-15 years. Various tools like ratio analysis, stock price fluctuations etc. are used for the purpose and a report of the analysis will be prepared for everyone go get the insights of the industries

our events


Monexus is the annual fest of Finance and Investment Cell, Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce. It is a financial event that helps participants not only to learn the economical intricacies but also about the financial complexities of today’s business environment. This event provides participants, an opportunity to exhibit their innovative skills along with their financial knowledge. Monexus consists of 4 main events, many filler events, seminars and conferences spread over period of 2 days. It is usually scheduled for the month of February


Our society is the first finance society of du to conduct a series of online financial events in the month of October, 2015. E- Monexus is the much awaited online event of Finance and Investment cell, Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce. Being an online event, E- Monexus attracts students from different universities across the nation. This will also help the participants to portray their financial skills and knowledge through various events, also enhance their skills through an online platform.

Monexus Jr.

FIC SGGSCC is all set to put up the first of many remarkable events exclusively for school students called Monexus Jr. in the month of October. It would be a one day extravaganza consisting of 4 different events. It will help to impart knowledge and add to the experiences of the school students at this young age. Practical exposure in the finance field will help enhance their theoretical knowledge about financial markets. Not only will it serve as an opportunity for school students to explore about the functioning of top DU colleges at this initial stage but also help us as an institution to reach out to these students and build a brand name for us.

who we are?

Story About Us


” Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but the seeds that you plant.”
 — R.L. Stevenson

One fine day a dream turned into reality, a dream of a finance lover to satiate his knowledge cravings. Founded in 2012, a seed of curiosity was sown by our seniors. Taking their legacy forward, we are a cadre of 50 finance geeks working towards providing a common platform to all finance enthusiasts to learn through information sharing, to provide opportunities to students to undertake research on specific areas of their interest and keeping enthusiasm active throughout the year by organising various seminars, competitions and other events related to the subject. The diverse projects deepen the roots in finance, igniting a spark for knowledge. Enabling the students to absorb the financial and economic intricacies prevailing in today’s turbulent times, the society offers an enriching experience.

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Alumini speak

My respect for and attachment with the cell cannot be expressed in words. My time spent with FIC was the most memorable of my college. All the knowledge and skills that I had gained from time have stayed with me ever since and been used in my life time and again. FIC for me proved to be a place not only for finance enthusiast in me,but also a place where I learned to work in a team.FIC was started with an aim to provide a common platform to students who were looking to enhance thier knowledge about investment management & personal finance. What resulted from endeavor was a team,that worked and grew together in all aspects, not just financial knowledge.I hope the same can continue in the future!

Piyush Jain

From servicing as a freshmen recruit to being a sophomore slogger and ultimately leading the team in final year,FIC gave me reasons to explore more about myself,right and wrong,good and bad.An experience that become an addiction,my 3 years at FIC will always have a distinction.

Vaibhav Gulati
President 2014-15

The world of business and finance is complicated. Its tough for those who see it from a distance, tougher for those who are in it without any knowledge and profitable for those who bear the specialised knowledge. That's what FIC was all about. From gathering intelligence in the initial year to spreading it in final year. The pratical knowledge and experience I acquired during my time at FIC has helped me a lot in my entrepreneurial journey.

Jappan Ahluwalia
President in 2015-16

My college memories are incomplete,without my experience at FIC. It gave me so much that i can never repay it for all those things. It is not just a society or an extra curricular thing but a knowledge sharing and developing experience. From learning to sharing, from leadership to team work, from fun to hard work,it just lets you explore a new and better version of yourself. From that 3 years of experience I've learnt that you never lose in your life, you either win or try.

Shrrey Mehta
Vice President in 2015-16


The Finance and Investment Cell,SGGSCC is the upsurging instructive and scholastic society of the University of Delhi. Established in 2012, the society helps students learn and absorb the financial and economic instricacies that prevail in today’s turbulent times.

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