Bigflix : The Greatest Showman

One of the crucial parts of box office is legs, which is basically the amount of money the film earns in the weekends succeeding its opening. A movie generally has 2-3x legs.

The Christmas of 2017 though was different. “The greatest showman”, a movie about how P.T Barnum (Huge Jackman) brings together ‘freaks’ to run a circus, released during this time.

The movie opened to a paltry $ 8M, with expected total gross to be $30M, on a good day. But the movie, like its protagonist, wanted more. It wanted to be freaky.

The movie in its second weekend, outdid the first one. It didn’t stop there, for next two weekends, it continued on an upward trend.
The movie’s hold was such that for at least 8 succeeding weekends, it didn’t drop below its opening weekend.

The magic was so endearing that it propelled the movie to one of the best multipliers in box office (171M total USA gross and a multiplier of 21). A performance in sync with its name, the greatest showman.

Content Credits: Sanjit Singh Arora
Tech Credits: Jaskirat Singh Gujral

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