Our society is the first finance society of du to conduct a series of online financial events in the month of October, 2015. E- Monexus is the much awaited online event of Finance and Investment cell, Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce. Being an online event, E- Monexus attracts students from different universities across the nation. This will also help the participants to portray their financial skills and knowledge through various events, also enhance their skills through an online platform.

BDSM - Bankruptcy ,Debts ,Swaps and More.

About BDSM.

BDSM (bankruptcy, debt, swaps, and more) is the first ever mockstock of companies on the verge of bankruptcy. In the first round, the description of companies, with their problems and plans to get out of those problems will be given. On the basis of these plans, participants can invest, short, buy bonds or CDS of companies. In second round, there will be further updates on their plans and more news. The event has high volatility in prices of shares and even the person with great losses after Round 1 can emerge as the winner after round 2.


Nifty wars is a unique combination of mockstock and superheroes. In the first round, the participants will be given a list of heroes, who will act like a particular security. The participant has to then analyse their behaviour and rumours, and then decide to invest in them.  The goal would be to increase their portfolio to the highest. While in the final round, the top teams will use their portfolios to create the best superhero team and battle  against each other to emerge victorious!

What Would ~Harvey~ You Do?

Ever thought what you would have done if you were in Harvey’s shoes?
Well now you can. In this event you will face the heat of being in the world of law, facing intricate cases, being crash cruched and having your back against the wall. But remember “YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE”
So get ready to have a unique experience of leading yourself out of the mess the circumstances have put you in.
So, the ultimate goal will be to win the case through brainstorming your mind and selecting the optimal combinations.

Venture Out!

Growth is never by mere chance, it’s thr result of forces working together. 
Venture Out! is an event wherein the participants, as the head of a business conglomerate, have to manage production of their group’s companies in a number of industries in order to maximise profits. The prices and the level of production for each company will be given and the participants will be required to make their decision on the basis of rumours given for the factors of production and the industry as a whole. In the next round, participants will look at options to expand globally or to continue catering to the domestic market (beware, for their will be a cost for both). The goal, again, will be to maximise profits.