Speaker Session

Mr. Pankajj P Ghode , co-founder and chairman at Global Blockchain Foundation, CEO Global Blockchain Summit, leading the world to become one big peaceful community. With 18+ years of dynamic experience in IT strategy, Digital Transformation, System Integration Captives, Start ups, he is also serving as a consultant to Maharashtra State Police as a Cyber and Digital expert. Wizard of corporate success, he has spearheaded companies like Wipro, Experis, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance Jio. A proud member of NASSCOM, a part of International Cyber security forum, partner with NIC, cyber adviser for IRCTC and Govt. of Maharashtra, his works are legion and each a epitome in itself making him an unparalleled personality in the industry!

KUMAR GAURAV, Founder Cashaa, Auxesis Group,Blockchain Speaker & Influencer. An engineering graduate from Delhi’s own Amity University and now the founder of not one but two of the Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies, Kumar Gaurav is nothing short of a revelation. From being a serial entrepreneur, a frequent and sought after speaker on blockchain, an advisor to a startup incubator to an editor for renowned journals, our speaker dons a plethora of hats. Cashaa recently raised $18+ million through an ICO. He is a proud recipient of Extraordinary Status(O1) by the US Government. Undoubtedly, this is backed by his experience in giants like Wipro and Ferrari along with co-founding Darwinsurance and also taking up Chairmanship in Auxesis Group.

With more than 25 years of experience ,starting from Britannia Industries to the Vice President and Regional Head of Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), Mr Sanjay Gakhar  is an Institution Builder who has achieved great heights in every aspect of his life. He has spearheaded awareness of the commodity futures market by successfully organizing educational seminars throughout the nation.

Evan Singh Luthra is a Serial entrepreneur and angel investor. World renowned for using Technology to disrupt industries, Evan runs a startup Incubator (ELGroupInternational.com) and a Crypto Investment Bank (Almora.io). Evan is also featured speaker and influencer having previously spoken for United Nations, Google and many other universities and conferences etc.

Saurabh Choudhary is an expert in creating out of the box digital marketing strategies based on psychology which he has been using for his dropshipping/affiliate marketing campaigns and for his consultation clients worldwide. He has written a book on Google adwords and he has also trained around 3000 digital marketing enthusiasts.


Transfer window 6.0

One Team!! One Dream!!

Transfer window 6.0 is an event where the world of finance encounters with the world of football. Here the most celebrated sport in the world has been integrated with financial intelligence . Participants will invest in those clubs which they think will escalate to the top by analysing the prevailing scenario given by news and rumours testing their football knowledge as well as their investing skills . Budget management skills will be tested in the auction round where the participants will bid for various football clubs . They will get a chance to dive in the shoes of a manager by signing players in the transfer window by dealing with other participants to build their ultimate team testing their negotiation skills.


Gotta beat'em all!

Pokè war is a competition where participants will be tested for their presence of mind, analytical thinking, and financial acumen. This event not only tests their skills but also takes the participants down the memory lane to remember their childhood's craze for Pokemon. There will be undisclosed bids, strategic purchasing and Pokemon battles in this event. Those who will be able to assess the right value for Pokemon and other items and prepare the best strategy will win this.

Live Exchange

The riches of the game are in thrills not the money.

Live Exchange Simulation is our flagship event wherein participants use their trading mettle and trade live on an exclusive portal built by us. Options, futures, stocks and the latest addition to the portal i.e. “cryptos” will leave participants thrilled as they experience the real ups and downs of the financial markets.

The Wolf of Waffle Street

There is no love sincerer than the love of waffles.

Wafflesome is an event involving strategically working to set up a waffle shop at prime locations and getting customers, putting their best foot forward to get more profits. It would be a challenge where the skills of an individual will be tested on how efficiently does their analytical mind work to create an optimum combination of raw material and assets to start and run a waffle business. The participant would have to take care of all possible aspects that are required to run a successful business and think like an entrepreneur, a manager and an investor. The aspects range from finance to investment, human resource to marketing, space allocation to inventory management. All one has to do is to maximise sales in every challenging situation thrown at them and return home with the highest profit.


In the game of profit and losses, There can be only one winner.

Do you have wits to indulge yourself in voluble banking activities? Are you good at estimating the demand and supply in monetary markets? Does interest rate fluctuations by RBI put you in deep thinking process? Then kilter out your skills in the most exciting online banking simulation game ever. Where you have to raise the funds from alternative sources and invest them in the most appropriate options through analysing the market situations. It's the right time to create a niche for yourself and beat others through maximum spread.

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