Monexus Jr.

FIC,SGGSCC is all set to put up a quintessential string of remarkable events at an exclusive Annual Fest for our school allies, Jr. MONEXUS 2018.We are delighted to invite you to be a part of our preeminent fest and compete for another feather in your cap. As fellow members of a domain that we discern how crucial it is to keep learning, let’s meet up and add to our experiences.It will rather be a euphoric opportunity for us to host a great event for you. 
So, hereby, FIC,SGGSCC requests the pleasure of the company of students from Class 11th and 12th for participations on the 25th October, 2018. 
Please refer to the detailed description of the events and enroll yourself for the encounters that tug you!
Last date to register is 5 PM – October 24th, 2018.