FIChers- Tu Investor Hai, VC!!

Iss Desh Ke Graduates Apni 9-5 Job Se Bore Hone Lagte Hain to Bahar Nikalne Ke Liye Keval 3 Raste Dikhte Hain:MBA, IAS aur STARTUP. Finance and Investment Cell, SGGSCC, bring to you the only online event of MONEXUS ’19.Are you a fan of TVF pitchers, Shark Tank or Silicon Valley? Do you get fascinated by the idea of startups and angel investing? Do you relate to TVF Pitcher’s Puneet or “Mr Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary? So get ready to step into the shoes of an angel investor and possibly become the person who just might have given birth to the next big thing!! Experience an exclusive bidding simulation like never before and become the serial investor you were always meant to be .

Transfer Window 7.0

A Team Above All.

Do you think that you are passionate enough to manage everything about football under one roof?! ⚽

If yes, then Finance and Investment Cell, SGGSCC in its annual fest, Monexus’19 welcomes you to its flagship event:
Transfer Window 7.0: A Team Above All. Imagine an event that not only tests your transfer tactics but also forces you to deal with betting and the dirty business of football. Transfer Window has got it all. 


Are you ready to go down the road of financials that will up your game of finance?

Finance and Investment Cell , SGGSCC in its annual fest Monexus’19 returns with its one of its kind event: LIVE EXCHANGE – THE LIVE TRADING SIMULATION.Now go right in the market and invest in whatever catches your eye. From cryptocurrencies to stocks, there’s something for each one of you.However, don’t limit yourself here because we ain’t stopping the money from flowing.

So are you ready to experience Wall Street live?


Are you ready, to be a part of the world of high stakes, gin and poker?

Finance and Investment Cell, SGGSCC, is here with its annual fest Monexus’19 and presents the event for all the gamblers in the town: CASINO ROYALE – WITNESS THE GAMBLE BEHIND THE GAMBLE!All business, pure and simple, play for cold hard cash.
One game at a time. One bill at a time. One chip at a time.
And that’s how you keep the score!Everything here is gamble and you’d love it all!
And, as they say a dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned!But remember, it ain’t a gamble if you know that you’d win :p

Zero Hour- Expect the Unexpected

Are you a fan of House of Cards, Wolf of Wall Street or The Pursuit of Happyness?
Wouldn’t it be awesome to see the world from Jordan Belfort’s view for a day or make some shady deals with politicians like Frank Underwood?If you have the guts to play the game of greed, fear and wits, then we have got just the right opportunity for you…

The Finance & Investment Cell, SGGSCC is here with it’s annual fest- Monexus’19🔥 and presents to you: Zero Hour- Expect the Unexpected.Is too much money… too much?Imagine inflation getting more than 1000%, government engaging in dirty politics, economy falling apart all at one place.


Raaton Ki neend ko paiso Ki bhook se mitao, apne shehar main geedadh se sher banna ho toh Hamare pass aao.

The Finance and Investment Cell, SGGSCC, is back with its annual fest Monexus’19 and brings to you an event, tailor made for all those who think beyond the ordinary:
“Geedadh se sher Kaise bante hai, ham sikhayenge”. So put together GUDDU’s courage and BABLU’s wit , but don’t let KAALEEN BHAIYA baffle you with his grit.Are you ready to get your hands dirty with black money and come out clean?✨
Do you have what it takes to go up against the UP Mafia and emerge victorious? Trade wisely, because in this market it’s not only your loot but also your survival that is at stake.